The Finding In The Temple

From "Mysteries of the Rosary" by Msgr. Edward I. Hession

“And it came to pass after three days, that they found him in the temple, sitting int he midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions.” Lk. 2:46

Upon the solemn paschal feast,

The parents of the Saviour go

Each year unto Jerusalem

To celebrate the festive day.

As Jesus now is twelve years old,

He goes with them this holy day.

How joyous is the paschal feast

For Him Who is the Paschal Lamb!

What joy to see His Father’s House,

The Temple of Jerusalem!

And yet, He sees the shadows fall,

To give way to reality.

He sees the painful Sacrifice

Performed upon Mount Calvary-

Perpetuated in the Mass-

Replace the bloody sacrifice

Performed within the Temple’s walls

He sees the washings and the rites

Replaced by saving Sacraments.

* * *

The days are spent in joyous prayer,

In praise and thanks, remembering

The sparing of the chosen race,

The victory of Israel.

* * *

But now the days have reached an end,

And Mary and her holy spouse

Begin their trip to Nazareth.

But Jesus lingers, unbeknown,

Remaining in Jerusalem.

Then coming to the company

Of kinsfolk and acquaintances,

His parents do not find Him there.

The sword of sorrow spoken of

By Simeon twelve years before

Finds Mary’s heart an open mark.

With haste this holy, anxious pair

Return unto Jerusalem.

For three long days they seek in vain;

The night brings only aching hearts.

But perseverance such as this

Must needs receive its just reward.

The next day in the Temple court,

The find their Son, disputing with

The learned doctors of the Law.

His wisdom startles all who hear;

They stand astonished at His words.

The pressure on that Mother’s heart

No longer can contain itself.

“Why hast thou done this to us, Son?

Behold Thy father and myself

Have long besought Thee, sorrowing.”

But oh, the very sight of Him

Brings joy that cannot be expressed.

The fears of three long trying days

Are faded in a glance from Him.

And Jesus answers, lovingly:

“Why is it that you sought for Me?

Did you not know that I must be

About My Father’s business?”

Strange words are these to Mary’s ears;

And like the words of Simeon,

She stores them up within her heart.

* * *

Jesus now accompanies

His Mother and her saintly spouse,

Adn comes with them to Nazareth.

he lives in full obedience

Unto their every request,

Advancing in the sight of God

And of His fellow Nazarenes

In wisdom, age and grace.


“O Jesus, Thou for thirty years

Didst live a humble life on earth

Before Thou didst come publicly

And claim Thou art indeed the Christ;

Oh grant that we may be content

With doing all our little acts

Conforming to Thy Father’s will,

As Thou hast done at Nazareth.

We do not seek heroic deeds,

But let each small work be a link

To form a chain that may some day

Be fastened to Thy throne on High;

Then draw us by that golden chain

Into Thy lasting Paradise,

That we, with all Thy saintly court,

May praise Thee evermore. Amen.”

Reprinted for Council 13307 with the permission of Abbey Press, Inc.