The Presentation

From "Mysteries of the Rosary" by Msgr. Edward I. Hession

“And when the days of her purification were fulfilled according to the Law of Moses, they took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord” Lk. 2:22

Now after forty days are past,

The Virgin-Mother takes her Son,

And guided by her holy spouse,

Sets out unto Jerusalem.

The law of Moses does proclaim

The every male child should be

Presented to the Lord our God

When he has reached this tender age.

Unto the temple of the Lord

Proceeds the Holy Family.

And there the Mother of the Christ

Presents herself before the priests,

A model of humility,

Example of obedience.

She offers him two turtle doves,

The off’ring of the poorer class,

For so prescribes Leviticus.

Then o’er the Mother of the Christ

The priest recites the formal prayer

That Mary might be “purified”

According to Mosaic Law.

And Chris, Who is Eternal Priest,

Is offered of His own free will,

A ransom for the sins of men.

* * *

Within the Holy City’s walls

There lives a man names Simeon.

He is a just and pious man,

Awaiting Christ, the Promised One.

For he received the word from God

That he would not be called by death

Till after he had seen the Christ.

This man the Holy Spirit leads

Into the temple of the Lord.

And there, in Mary’s arms he sees

The Saviour of the universe.

He takes the Babe into his arms,

And blesses God, and humbly says:

“and now thou dost dismiss in pease;

Thy servant, as Thou didst proclaim

For now my eyes Salvation see,

Which Thou dost send unto all men:

A light to all Gentile seed

And glory unto Israel.”

His parents wonder at these words

Of Simeon, concerning Him.

Then turning to the Mother pure,

He speaks in words of prophecy:

“Behold this Child is set unto

The resurrection and the fall

Of many souls in Israel.”

Then visualizing things to come,

This holy man to Mary says:

“And thy own soul a sword shall pierce.”

As Simeon returns the Child,

There comes into the sacred place

A prophetess of Aser’s tribe.

This holy woman, night and day,

By prayers and fasting served the Lord,

And seeing Jesus, joyfully

Confesses Him to be the Christ.


“I believe -O Jesus, my faith-

That thou art Christ the Lord;

Thou hast, for fallen humankind,

Become Incarnate Word.

As Thy sweet Mother carried Thee

Into the holy place

That two devoted souls might come

And see Thee face to face,

So grant that she might guide my steps

Unto Thy throne above,

That I might see Thee evermore

And share Thy lasting love.”

* * *

Now after all those things are done

Commanded by the ancient law,

The Holy Family returns

Unto the city Nazareth.

And Jesus grows and waxes strong,

And grace shines forth in all his deeds.

Reprinted for Council 13307 with the permission of Abbey Press, Inc.