Charity is the foremost principle of the Knights of Columbus!

In the 2014 fraternal year the Order gave more than $173 million directly to charity and performed over 71.5million man hours in volunteer service. During the past decade, the Knights of Columbus have contributed over $1.5B in charitable giving and more than 683 Million man-hours, all for charity. A Knight's highest duty is to assist the widow or orphan of a fallen brother Knight.

It is no small thing that "Charity" is the first of the four principles on which our Order is built. A question every Knight must ask is how he can best share the blessings God has given him. For the Father will surely ask him to account for those blessings some day.

In the year ending 2015, The St. Patrick Council # 13307 made the following contributions to church and community.

  • Contributed $5,000 for the Church Hearing Aid Loop System
  • Contributed $4,500 from the Tootsie Roll Campaign to Oak Park School for disabled children
  • Contributed $4,000 to the Parish for exterior parking lot lighting.
  • Provided $3,000 for scholarships of children/grandchildren of St. Patrick's Knights
  • Conducted a Fish-Chicken Dinner raising $3,000 for Resurrection House.
  • Contributed $1,500 to the Parish Poor Box for Parish use.
  • Provided $1,400 to Seminarian Support to Diocese assigned Seminarians
  • Contributed $500 to Catholic Charities Sugar Bowl campaign for struggling parents
  • Contributed $500 to Habitat for Humanity in Bradenton
  • Spent $450 for the K of C Coats for Kids Program, for kids at a Catholic School in South Dakota
  • Contributed $300 to Catholic Charities Bethesda House
  • Contributed $100 to the Middle East Christian Relief Fund